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Hand built sculptural container at Dan Harelick Studio Art, Riverdale, NY

Class size limited to 8 students.$100 deposit required when registering.The deposit is not refundable or transferable.


Register here or over the phone 917-209-5644

Advanced Handbuilding


Having mastered basic handbuilding techniques, you can begin to create more complex projects as well as use advanced tools such as the clay extruder and slab-roller. These modern additions to the ceramics studio, have streamlined processes allowing students to achieve greater consistency and increased productivity.


Unique to the Advanced Handbuilding Class, we will explore advanced techniqes for underglazing to embelish with finer detail than can be achieved using traditional methods of brushing, sponging, and overglazing. We will also explore the ‘why’ behind color and finish, and the ‘how’ of yielding more consistantly distinctive effects.


The various handbuilding techniques we explore are a great addition and alternative to throwing on the wheel. Anyone can handbuild and everyone, especially the wheel-throwing potter, will benefit from learning the best ways to alter, add to and manipulate your wheel-thrown pieces. The possibilities for individual and unique creative expression are infinite.



Hand built, rolled and textured slab for a soap dish, at Dan Harelick Studio Art in Riverdale, NY
Hand built mug at Dan Harelick Studio Art
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