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It’s easy! Dig those fingers in and be amazed at what you can make.

Wheel thrown vase in brown clay with K-choy glaze at Dan Harelick Studio Art

With projects that are designed for success, every student builds on their own ideas, creating ceramic art you’ll be excited to use, and will cherish for years.

These small classes guarantee that every student receives plenty of individual attention. An inspiring, judgement-free environment leaves each student excited about exploring their creative side and proud of their creations. Weekly classes are scheduled in six-to-eight-week sessions, all in a friendly sun-drenched studio space.


The childrens’ after school classes are designed for ages 8 and up. Students indulge their creativity through the exciting medium of clay, exploring a variety of ceramic techniques for both hand building and wheel throwing.


Adults can enjoy our classes in both morning and evening sessions offered in session all year long. Check out the studio calendar.


For beginners, we start with an explanation of what clay actually is, where it comes from, and a basic history of its uses. Students in this class will explore a variety of textures, tools and technology, all through the worlds’ oldest medium. Focusing on techniques like pinching, slab-rolling, and working with coils, we will create beautiful and useful art embellished with the textures we encounter every day. Beginners to the potter’s wheel will learn everything you need to know to make simple vessels like mugs and bowls.


These small classes allow for the novice looking for an introduction or reintroduction into the art of wheel-thrown ceramics as well as reinforce and expand on techniques for more advanced potters. If you have fond memories of that ceramics class you took in college, and you’re looking for a refresher course, this class will return you to those fun times in the studio.


The studio provides a supportive environment within a curriculum developed to hone mastery of ceramic art fundamentals. For students who receive the support of occupational or physical therapy, our ceramic studio can also be a great place to reinforce fine motor skills, focus and coordination.

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