Beginner's Hand Building


It’s easy! Dig those fingers in and be amazed at what you can make. This is a great class for kids grades 4-12. With projects that are designed for success, every student builds on their own ideas, creating ceramic art they'll be excited to use, and will cherish for years.

For beginners, we start with an explanation of what clay actually is, where it comes from, and a basic history of its uses. Students in this class will explore a variety of textures, tools and technology, all through the worlds' oldest medium.


Focusing on techniques like pinching, slab-rolling, and working with coils, we will create beautiful and useful art embellished with the textures we encounter every day. Once bone dry, pieces will be bisque-fired, after which students use a variety of glazes to decorate their work. We then high-fire those pieces while starting on something new.


The studio provides a supportive environment within a curriculum developed to hone mastery of ceramic art fundamentals. For students who receive the support of occupational or physical therapy, our ceramic studio can also be a great place to reinforce fine motor skills, focus and coordination. 


Class size limited to 8 students.


$100 deposit required when registering.

The deposit is not refundable or transferable.



Register here or over the phone 917-209-5644

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