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Our studio offers a comfortable environment of inspiring artists and instructors, with classes and private instruction which integrates design principles and the ceramics medium.


In the studio we offer 12-week hand-building and wheel-throwing courses for beginners through advanced students, as well as private lessons in all areas. Adults can join us for our ‘Wheels and Wine’ gatherings on occassional Thursday evenings.


Sewing instruction is offered as private and semi-private two-hour lessons, which allow for the attention and detail required to create step-by-step guided, personalized designs.


Individual and group Graphic Design classes are customized based on the student’s knowledge of graphic design principals, the Apple OS, and appropriate Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


Whether in the ceramics studio, in front of a sewing machine, or clicking your way through Photoshop, student safety is our priority. All of our clay is non-toxic and our glazes have been leach-tested and declared food safe.  Clearly stated instructions and guidelines are emphasized to help students and Studio Members advance.  Appropriate control of the process and development of specific skills are required prior to advancing to the next level class.


Our ‘Teaching Through Success’ methodology combines rigorous teaching of essential skills with close attention to student progress and understanding.  Positive creative experiences ensure that students rarely want to leave the studio!


Advanced students may choose to join us as Studio Members who have full access to the studio during all Open Studio Hours.

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