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After school wheel throwing class for ages 11 and up at Dan Harelick Studio Art in Riverdale, NY

Welcome to the Wheel


For beginners, we start with a review of what clay actually is, and a basic history of its use. This course will cover the fundamentals of 'throwing' clay on the wheel, from wedging clay through a variety of on-wheel techniques, and finally trimming, glazing and firing. 


You'll learn everything you need to know to make simple vessels on the wheel. The gentle turning of the wheel, the centering of the clay and the single-minded focus needed to create pottery brings the potter to a calm, centered place. It is a terrific way to end a stressful day or start a new adventure. Throwing pottery will become both an experience in creative problem solving, as well as a respite from the intensity of the daily grind.


Welcome to the Wheel is also designed for the novice looking for an introduction or reintroduction into the art of wheel-thrown ceramics. If you have fond memories of that ceramics class you took in college, and you're looking for a refresher course, this class will return you to those fun times in the studio.

Whhel thrown salad bowl at Dan Harelick Studio Art

Class size limited to 8 students.$100 deposit required when registering.The deposit is not refundable or transferable.


Register here or over the phone 917-209-5644

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